Some interesting boats that floated by Whidbey

YON-319 making waves
Fuel Oil Barge
HSV-X1 hauling butt
during FBE-J
M/V Tillikum passing Hat Island
M/V Tillikum 100 pax ferry
Tug DANIELLE hauling a load of lumber
Tugboat Danielle
[click to see it trying -- 1.3M]
[click to see the result -- 1.3M]
The Peralta
The Peralta
344 Passenger Ferry
The Alliance
The Alliance
M/V Island Spirit
M/V Island Spirit
149 Passenger Ferry
Awesome superyacht
74' superyacht.
Not sure why sometimes they come by instead of the other direction
Victoria Clipper III
239 Passenger Waterjet
Hung around for nearly a week
USCGC Alex Haley
Who knew?
HMCS Regina
[FFG 334]