Source release of aprs4r available here. Tar file available here. Unpack it into the top of the aprs4r source tree, none of the filenames should conflict.

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This is a patch for aprs4r-1.0.2 for CentOS 4.7 Final.  It should
give you good ideas for most other RedHat-ish systems.

- Ruby

CentOS has 1.8.1 as standard, so don't 'yum install ruby'; get source
(I got 1.8.7, the latest stable 1.8) and install it where aprs4r expects
to see it: /usr/bin

    % ./configure --prefix=/usr
    % make
    # make install

A lot of the scripts start with


rather than

    #!/usr/bin/env ruby

I guess I consider this a bug :-)

- Rubygems

I grabbed 1.3.4 from rubyforge

- log4r

I grabbed 1.0.5 from Sourceforge

- ruby serialport

    # gem install ruby-serialport

There seems to be some path stupidity at that point, which might be fixed
by the time you read this.  You'd think that would let ruby find the
serialport package, but it doesn't.  I tracked down using strace where
it was looking and it seems like maybe something has changed in gems?
When you gem install ruby-serialport, you wind up with a .so file in
both lib/ and ext/ (and they are the same!) but the runtime looks for
it in the directory above that (literally "foo/bar/lib/..").  So I did
something like:

    # cd /usr/lib/ruby/gems/1.8/gems/ruby-serialport-0.7.0
    # ln lib/

And that fixed its little red wagon.

After you get the application installed, you can just

	# cd centos
	# make install

Then you can control it using service:

	# service aprs4r start

I haven't played with it too much because I was under a deadline, but
I verified that it came up and transmitted a beacon on an Alinco with
Argent Data's excellent replacement TNC in KISS mode.

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